HKR International High Quality Brand Licensing Award Scheme

Foods·Pharmaceuticals·Cosmetics·Medical Instruments

Scheme Purpose

  1. Establish an recognized International High Quality Award Scheme.
  2. Develop a corporate conscience, encourage positive attitude, improve the quality of enterprises, products and individuals.Also, enhance their competitiveness.
  3. Establish a high-quality brand standard , to enhance high quality identification of the brand value by consumers and the industry.
  4. Develop a safety management conscious, training more professionals, establish a basic culture.



  • All the certificates and information from China Hong Kong Registration & Certification Service Limited are real and accurate.
  • All the certificates issued under consensual situations. Also,The center can approval and revocation right to issue all certificates.
  • The Certification Center do not undertake any responsibility and guarantee for any errors, omissions, misstatements and infringement of the products.
  • This certificate shall not be used for any other purposes. If customer use certificates for any purpose, it is not related to the certification center and the issuer. The certification center and the issuer do not undertake any economic and legal responsibility.


  • Public Service Platform : The State Ministry of science and technology project authorized public service platform. (With project number:2013BAH08F04 · 2013BAH08F00)
  • Authorization : Authorized to use the “China Hong Kong Food & Medicine Registration Service Limited” and it’s trademark with limited period and under limiting condition.(Registration number of the HKSAR government : 301040273;Registration number of the People’s Republic of China government : 14907056)
  • Undertaking unit : The construction unit of the State Ministry of science and technology project.(Registration number of the HKSAR government : 1314830)

※  The center can made the last explanation and editing right on the terms and conditions.